Monday, January 7, 2013

Modern Mashing - the Modern Talking mashup album

So, who was Modern Talking? Depending on how old you are and what part of the world you live in, Modern Talking was likely to have permeated your psyche with infectious Euro-Pop sounds culled, refined, and adapted from the evolving worldwide synth-pop milieu of 1984 to 1987. 

They must have done something right, because 30 years later there's a mashup album featuring them along with over 20 artists from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond! And now... it's time for you to get it. How? I'm glad you asked. Just CLICK HERE. Simple? You bet.

1. Sjoersje - Alors On Heart, Alors On Soul (Modern Talking vs. Stromae)
2. POMATIC - Just Dance If You Want (Modern Talking vs. Lady Gaga)
3. Amoraboy - Set Fire To Brother Louie (Modern Talking vs. Adele)
4. Ed Home - Brother Lollipop (Modern Talking vs. Lil Wayne)
5. DJ GodrikGen - Spaceman Wins The Last Race (Modern Talking vs. Michael Woods vs. Hardwell)
6. Sjoersje - A Lucky Love (Modern Talking vs. Aretha Franklin)
7. GiObAT - Keep On Calling (S.O.S. For Rising) (Modern Talking vs. Ian Carey)
8. Oki - You Are Not A Tragedy (Modern Talking vs. Bee Gees)
9. RRodd - TV Makes Britney A Dirrty Superstar (Modern Talking vs. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera)
10. Kill_mR_DJ - Butterfly Lady (Modern Talking vs. Crazy Town)
11. rappy - As Long As Your Brother Loves Louie (Modern Talking vs. Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean)
12. Winkar Lopez - You're Just A Part Of Me (Modern Talking vs. Chris Cornell vs. Lady Gaga)
13. Rick Dangerous - Atlantis Is Moving (Modern Talking vs. Whitney Houston vs. Reel 2 Real vs. Marvin Gaye)
14. Steve Simmons - Kiss The Superstar (Modern Talking vs. Bad Boys Blue)
15. Lizzart - TV Yeah! (Modern Talking vs. Usher)
16. DJ Giac - Ice Ice Louie (Modern Talking vs. Vanilla Ice)
17. PartyBen - Crazy (If You Want) (Modern Talking vs. Gnarls Barkley)
18. POMATIC - Live Brother Louie (Modern Talking vs. Far East Movement feat. Justin Bieber)
19. Steve Simmons - Last Jet To Brooklyn (Modern Talking vs. Modern Talking)
20. Rino Santaniello - You're Everything (Modern Talking vs. 49ers)
21. g4gorilla - We're All Gonna Burn (Modern Talking vs. The Trammps)